A View from the Left Side

National Infrastructure Bank Would Rebuild US, Create Jobs & Restore Global Competitiveness

August 05, 2022 Rep. Pam Powers Hannley Season 2 Episode 13
A View from the Left Side
National Infrastructure Bank Would Rebuild US, Create Jobs & Restore Global Competitiveness
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 13: Creation of a National Infrastructure Bank | 0:44
The US Has Had Four National Infrastructure Banks  | 1:17
Crumbling Infrastructure Hurts Competitiveness  | 2:30
Rep. PPH Interview with Economics Experts on the Proposal for NIB  | 4:24
Alphecca Muttardy, Board Member, NIB Coalition  | 4:53
What Is an NIB and Why Do We Need One?  | 5:00
Projects that Could Be Funded by the NIB  | 5:19
Infrastructure Investments Are Good for the Economy  | 8:48
Roosevelt's RFC Was Infrastructure Bank  | 11:28
Nationwide Rural Broadband Funded by the NIB Is Modern REA  | 11:36
Muttardy on the Scope of NIB Projects  | 12:27
The Scope of the REA and Its Impact on Rural America  | 13:01
'It Is a Disgrace that We Have Houses in America with No Running Water'  | 13:35
Chinese NIB Is Building a Nationwide Water Grid.   | 13:49 
NIB Projects Could Help Arizona Farmers  | 14:12
Public Private Partnerships (P3s) vs NIB  | 14:29
Arizona Water Initiative Allocates $750 mil in P3s for 'Water Augmentation'  | 14:37
Keep Public Infrastructure in Public Hands. Water Is a Public Good.  | 15:09
Ellen Brown, Founder, Public Banking Institute and Author  | 15:52
'P3s Want Profits. NIB Is Basically a Bank at Cost.'  | 15:56
Who Can Invest in the NIB?  | 16:40
Muttardy: How the NIB Would Be Capitalized?  | 17:08
Brown: Individuals Can Invest in the NIB  | 18:37
Crumbling US Infrastructure Hurts Competitiveness  | 18:57
China Invests 8% of GDP in Infrastructure. US Invests 2.4%.  | 19:35
Putting People to Work Building Infrastructure Will Rebuild the Middle Class  | 20:00
Given Current Economic Uncertainties, How Would Our Strategies Change if We Had NIB Now?  | 20:36
Dr. Robert Hockett, Edward Cornell Professor of Law and Finance at Cornell University  | 21:45
The US Relies Too Much on Private Sector Initiative  | 21:51
If Your Motive Is Profit Maximization, It Is Not in Your Interest to Prioritize the Public Good  | 22:15
Brown on Inflation: Shortages Are to Blame  | 23:28
COVID Relief Money that Was Sent to the Banks Is Just Sitting There Unspent  | 24:05
COVID Relief Money that Went to People Is Long Gone  | 24:28
'People Are Spending Now But They Have Less Money than Before COVID'  | 24:52
'There's Not a Lot of Demand Competing for the Goods. The Problem Is Shortages.'  | 25:11
The American System Model of Building Infrastructure to Promote Growth & Production  | 25:19
Keep the Farmers and Small Businesses  in Business  | 25:30
Hamilton: 'This Bank Is to Be Used for Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Development of the Economy'  | 25:56
'We've Had an Infrastructure Bank Before. The Problem Is Political.'  | 26:33
'If the Money Goes to Productive Purposes -- Things that Do Pay Back -- then You Have a Sustainable System.'  | 27:06
Muttardy: 'Policy Banks' Are Investing Money in the Most Productive Place  | 27:52
The US Needs a Long-Term Infrastructure Plan  | 28:29
What Are Common Objections to NIB?  | 29:31
Muttardy: The NIB Has Checks and Balances as Well as Transparency  | 29:59
NIB Will Have Engineers to Help Local Governments Design Efficient Systems  | 30:37
All NIB Loans Are Transparent for Public to See  | 31:42
Who Owns the Infrastructure Built with NIB Loans?  | 32:02
Hockett: Who Owns the Infrastructure Depends Upon the Project  | 32:41
Muttardy: Most NIB Loans Will Go to Public Entities who Own their Infrastructure  | 34:03
To Relieve Bottlenecks, NIB Can Make Private Sector Loans  | 34:30
The NIB's Role in Affordable Housing  | 35:35
Hockett: Historical Perspective on Housing  | 36:19
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