A View from the Left Side

Blog for Arizona's Bryan, Bodine, Gordon & PPH Breakdown AZ Primary Races

July 28, 2022 Rep. Pam Powers Hannley Season 2 Episode 12
A View from the Left Side
Blog for Arizona's Bryan, Bodine, Gordon & PPH Breakdown AZ Primary Races
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 12 of  A View from the Left Side focuses on Arizona's primary election races -- from the Legislature to Statewide, Corporation Commission and Congressional races.

Joining me today for this podcast are three long-term colleagues of mine at Blog for Arizona Michael Bryan, Larry Bodine and David Gordon. Mike is the founder and managing editor of Blog for Arizona. He is a local attorney and served as a prosecutor for the City of Tucson. Larry has been a writer and editor at Blog for Arizona for many years. Larry is also an attorney by profession and a former newspaper reporter. David is a prolific blogger who has interviewed many Democratic candidates for Blog for Arizona. He's also an accomplished science fiction author.

We're going to touch on the Legislative races first, since there could be many changes on both sides of the aisle, thanks to redistricting, term limits, deaths and resignations to run for higher office. We're also going to cover the statewide offices, since Arizona will be electing a new governor and others in the executive branch this year and there is a lot of competition. We'll close with some comments on the Congressional races and other races as we have time. 

We'll start with the hot races in the Legislature. 

Time Stamps
Season 2 Episode 12 Introduction by Rep. PPH  | 0:41
Larry Bodine Blog for Arizona Author and Editor on the 55th Legislature  | 3:08
David Gordon Blog for Arizona Author on Hot Legislative Races in Maricopa County  | 4:05
Mike Bryan Blog for Arizona Managing Editor Comments on Republican Legislative Primaries  | 5:39
Rep. PPH on Republican Primaries  | 7:13
LD 18 and Other Southern Arizona Races  | 7:55
Several Republicans Are Running Unopposed for the Legislature  | 12:42
Statewide Candidates and Campaign Finance Reports  | 15:35
Secretary of State Race  | 18:53
Statewide Races  | 22:30
Arizona Republicans Are at War with Each Other  | 24:47
[Larry's parrot chimes in.]  | 25:42
US Senate Race  | 26:00
CD6, US House of Representatives Races  | 29:12
Treasurer Race  | 31:51
Congressional Races in Maricopa County  | 33:09
Down Ballot Races  | 39:57
Potential Polling Place Interference by Republicans  | 42:38
Parting Comments  | 44:54